The yesterday, today and tomorrow of the group is inextricably linked to the course of the planet and the protection of the environment. We protect the environment, having as a priority the awareness of all employees of the ALFA WOOD GROUP group, to environmental issues.
We apply modern practices and production methods, which, in combination with technologically advanced equipment and industrial facilities, are fully harmonized with national and international environmental standards, through the respective certifications. We reduce the impact on the environment in all our activities, so that we can to keep our eyes on the future.


Alfa Wood Group is one of the first licensed units in the wood residue processing industry in Greece.

The company, respecting sustainable and sustainable development, invests in new equipment, taking an active role in trying to improve environmental applications. We process the residues from the production process of our products, as well as any kind of wood residues such as: wood, plant tissue waste, wooden packaging and other materials to be processed, which we use to produce alternative fuels.


Wood recycling

Renewable energy sources

At ALFA WOOD GROUP we are proud of the environmental role we play in the overall wood supply chain, for the production of wood-based fiberboard, for the production of alternative solid fuels based on forest biomass. The reuse of wood residues for the production of wood products as well as energy leads to the saving of raw materials and the reduction of the intensity and extent of logging in the forests. This results in cost-effective production with the lowest possible environmental impact
We ensure the lowest possible environmental impact on the soil, water and air by reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, since the thermal energy as well as a large part of the electricity we use is produced only from wood residues.
We promote and accelerate the recycling of wood residues from other producers to the maximum extent, giving substantial management solutions, while protecting nature, from the uncontrolled deposition of wood by-products, in streams and unintended places.

Sustainable forestry

We support the rational management of the forests of our country and the planet in general, which through the use of wood products and forest biomass as a raw material for the production of industrial products as well as renewable forms of energy, we achieve sustainable development.
This is why we prioritize the use of timber from fully managed and certified forests. The timber we source for the production of our factories comes from controlled logging sites and we also implement the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Forest Certification scheme, with the belief that every human intervention in the environment should be done in a way that ensures a balanced relationship between the exploitation of natural resources and the development of ecosystems for the benefit of future generations.

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Sustainable Forestry

The protection of the environment, but also the care to ensure the main raw material, which is wood, is based on a turnover governed by the sustainable management of the forest environment.
The wood industry procures the wood it will use for the production of the panels, exclusively from suppliers that are controlled, by the certified state organizations (Forestries / forest offices) and international organizations such as FSC®. During the production process, internationally certified systems such as quality management, low formaldehyde emission, fire resistance and moisture resistance are selected. ISO 9001:2015, CE, FSC, CARB, E0, FIRE RETARDANT AND WATER RESISTANT.
• The product reaches the consumer with full transparency, according to our inventory management and tracking systems in all aspects of the production process for each of our core products.
• All by-products of wood processing, resulting from the production process as well as those not suitable for sale, are used for biomass energy production/depending on their origin
• At the same time, biomass through the combustion process produces heat as well as "green electricity".