The company stands out for its entrepreneurial spirit, its ability to adapt and its adherence to the requirements of its partners, with a belief in open innovation and pioneering thinking.

We continuously invest in research and development integrating new ideas into business operations. In our quest to shape a modern and creative corporate culture, we remain committed to finding and securing sustainable solutions for the benefit of the planet and the emerging global smart economy.



We envision business excellence and desire to increase our value through efficient wood product manufacturing technology, and sales and promotion practices, to serve our partners' needs while simultaneously expanding market share.
The General Operating Principles of the ALFA WOOD GROUP group are a set of commonly accepted principles, values and beliefs that strengthen communication and strengthen the ties that unite our people.

 In our quest to shape a modern and creative corporate image, we remain committed to finding and ensuring sustainable solutions for the benefit of the planet.



The company's operating system is governed by rules of ethics and professional conduct and by the company's values, which derive from the principles, "beliefs" and vision of the founders and are as follows:

• We create medium to long term value and continuous growth.
• We support our people.
• We follow ethical business practices.
• We obtain high training in all areas.
• We provide high quality products and services.
• We prioritize workplace safety.
• We advocate sustainable development and that is where we aim.


Since its inception, the company has been founded on the belief that a business can be competitive and efficient, and at the same time operate with principles and social sensitivity.
The international expansion of our business activity has not changed anything in our philosophy. The commitment to our principles is reaffirmed on a daily basis and is of crucial importance to the continuation of our course.
Corporate Social Responsibility and care for sustainable development is a consistent continuation of our business presence to date.



We focus on innovation as a guide for the production of our products and the service of our partners. We research the current forms of decoration trends and work with designer and architect teams to introduce new products and trends as decorative elements should reflect the trends. of tomorrow and respond to the demanding environment in terms of function, use and design. The goal is to create total customized solution packages for our partners, architects, designers, furniture makers, which meet the demands of the future.