The industrial facilities of the ALFA WOOD GROUP group are located in Greece, in three different locations and cover a total area of 408,000 sq.m., of which the covered areas of our factories make up 81,000 sq.m.

Melamine surface production


Larissa Industrial Area

Factory Larisa

The industrial facilities in the industrial area of Larissa cover an area of 73,000 m2, of which 35,500 m2 are covered. The products produced by the factory are:

• Veneer coated chipboard
• Coated sheets of fiberboard
• Panels with Melamine surfaces
• Interior Doors
• Work/kitchen counters
• Interior Doors
• Acousic Panel
• Cabinet Doors
• 1MWH power generation using biomass


7th km of Grevena - Mavranaion

Factory Grevena

The industrial facilities in Grevena are located on a plot of land with a total area of 107,000 sq.m., with the building facilities covering 27,200 sq.m. The products produced by the factory are:

  •  Fibreboard (MDF) production
    • Fire Retardant MDF
    • Moisture Resistant MDF
    • MDF CARB
  • Veneer coated MDF
  • Laminate floor
  • Lacquered fiberboard - MDF
  • 1MWH power generation using biomass
Production of MDF Yasenit Fibreboard
Production Certified wood pellets


7th km Kato Nevrokopiou - Exochis Drama

Factory Nevrokopi-Drama

The industrial facilities in Nevrokopi are developed on an area of 228,000 sq.m., of which 15,300 sq.m. they are covered. The Nevrokopi plant is active in the production of biofuels and in the field of green energy. The products produced by the factory are: