Interior Doors constructed by Alfa Wood Group

Interior Doors which combine unique quality and aesthetics suitable for each of your spaces!

The Alfa Wood Group specializes in manufacturing interior doors from laminate surfaces, veneer-wood surfaces, lacquered (Ral colors) and mat surfaces, offering a wide range of colors and designs to cover every need and preference.

The Doors they are made with care for a long life for a residential or commercial space and fully represent their architectural function.

They are produced in its modern industrial facilities Alfa Wood Group and include solutions for all kinds of applications in motion (opening, sliding, recessed, folding) and with a multitude of proposals in terms of materials.

What is your favorite style, classic the modern; Discover her wide range of doors and materials that you will find in our collections, you are sure to find classic and modern doors that best suit your home or the style of your project.

Uses AC5 - 8mm | EN 13329 Class 33


Ideal for all domestic uses as well as for commercial applications such as public buildings, department stores, etc.
(Can be used for most retail stores, showrooms, restaurants and schools)

Uses AC3 - 7mm | EN 13329 Class 31


Ideal for all domestic uses as well as for light commercial, such as small offices
(Can be used for any type of residence. This is the highest rating for residential use and the lowest for commercial use.

Laminate Doors

Laminate Door surfaces - Optima Plus offer a wide range of realistic textures and colors, which can upgrade any interior space with an excellent aesthetic effect, achieving very high expts-
of quality and style.

Porta - optima plus

Laminate Doors

The Optima Laminate Door Collection is equipped with extremely realistic textures, allow you to to create works of high aesthetics, adding value
to your final product.


Super Matt Doors

The Privilege door series with matte surfaces is the ideal solution for interior spaces with modern style. Simple shapes, clean linesmes, stunning appearance and soft-velvety
texture offer modern solutions that stand out
they live for their aesthetics and the extraordinary



Lacquered Doors

The lacquered MDF doors of the Sogno series are the most timeless interior solutionric doors. Lacquered doors are manufactured with care in detail, they have a wide variety of colors and designs giving a distinct effect and range of solutions covering them needs in both modern and classic requirements

Lacquered Doors

Veneer Doors

The Vero series of doors offers a wide selection of interior wooden doors whichyes veneered, a classic natural material for construction doors when personalization, elegance and phypersonal character of a decoration or a product.


1000 Series
Veneer - Mat

The 1000 series of doors is a special collection with unlimited possibilities where switching
of materials, colors and volumes create doors with the
each individual's personal stamp. Can I take off?-
are the aesthetics of your space


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