Floors Par-Ve with veneer

The latest innovation from the Alfa Wood Group is Par-Ve flooring.

It is the answer to the latest trend in interior design. This innovative wood veneer flooring combines the unique designs of real wood with the easy installation of laminate flooring.

Par-Ve is a multi-layer parquet that combines the warmth and unique design of real wood with the advantages of laminate. Par-Ve is as easy to install and maintain as laminate flooring. However, there is one big difference: Par-Ve's top layer is real wood, not a wood imitation like laminate. What you see and feel is natural wood. just as no 2 trees are alike, each board is unique. This is exactly what makes the difference in any space you place it.


Advantages Par-Ve Floor

The main advantages of Par-Ve floors are:

  • The Par-Ve floor highlights wood, the most beautiful thing that nature has created with a very high level of quality.
  • Use of excellent quality wood
  • Ecological choice
  • Impact resistance
  • Excellent value for money
  • It cannot be sanded

Latest Par-Ve Veneer Designs