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Visit of Bakoyannis school students to the facilities of ALFA WOOD GROUP


Visit of Bakoyannis school students to its facilities ALPHA WOOD GROUP

Alfa Wood Group had the pleasure of giving a tour of its facilities, at the Larissa High School, to the students of the C3 section of Bakoyannis High School.

The students in his context Vocational Orientation Skills Workshop they had the opportunity to see up close a large industrial wood processing plant.

The students started their visit with a general briefing on Alfa Wood Group, its course and philosophy. This was followed by a presentation and analysis of the products produced.

Afterwards, they visited the factory premises, observing all safety measures. They were guided through the production line, the control department, the research and development department where new products are designed, as well as the storage areas for raw materials and manufactured products. They had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the industrial production, operation and working environment of a factory.

The monitoring of all production stages but also the information about the other specialties needed for the operation of a company and the synergy that different professions have with each other, such as the legal department, the procurement and marketing department and specialties such as economists, accountants, wood designers, carpenters, etc. . gave the children reasons to reflect on the formation of future decisions for their studies, professional choices that open before them and the contemporary labor market.

The role of lecturers was taken by experienced executives from various areas of activity of the Alfa Wood Group, who discussed with the students and answered their questions.

We hope that the tour of Alfa Wood Group was food for thought and the search for future professional paths and orientation. We wish all students good progress & achievement of their goals!!!