Press Releases

The emergency logging operations to combat the bark-eating insect have begun by the Department of Environment and Greenery of the Municipality of Thermi


The ALFAWOOD GROUP SA from April 9, 2020, emergency logging operations have begun to deal with the scale-eating insect in Dasoktima ISENLI of the Municipality of Thermi in collaboration with Forestry Cooperatives. At this time, logging is taking place in Section 1 of the Tax Estate, while from Monday 11-5-2020 they will also be extended to Section 3 of the Tax Estate.

With the specific logging operations, the removal of all affected, standing or lying individuals is carried out within the forest estate with the simultaneous implementation of cultivation interventions with refining thinnings and selective thinnings, to improve its form and structure as well as to empower the individuals of the forest estate so that to deal more effectively with infestation by bark-eating insects.

The specific action of emergency fruiting with the felling and removal of the pine trees is considered absolutely necessary for the protection of the forest and will follow for the rest of the Municipal Forest lands to deal with the infestation and stop its wider spread by immediate felling and removal of the affected trees in the municipal forests of our Municipality.
A request has already been submitted emergency fruiting in the Forestry Service for the area of Monopigados where they are routed and planned immediate logging operations.