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Kitchen Counters – ALFA TOPS: Top materials for the construction of kitchen counters


ALFA TOPS: Top materials for the construction of kitchen counters

The choice of material for the kitchen counter is a decision that will affect both the aesthetic and the practical result. When choosing a bench you should take into account both strength and durability as well as aesthetics. The benches ALPHA TOPS they have all the above and in addition they are very easy to clean and require minimal maintenance as they are non-absorbent and non-porous.

The Alfa Wood Group has a wide variety of designs, colors and textures with characteristics of originality, innovation and durability. Kitchen counters are also available as kitchen backsplashes in the same shades and textures. They offer unlimited options in kitchen design, so that the kitchen of your dreams becomes a reality.

The core of kitchen counters (ALPHA TOPS) consist of non-wet high-density chipboard covered with high-pressure decorative laminate (HPL). Moisture-proof chipboard is particularly suitable for constructions that require high resistance to moisture, but also for a wide range of applications.

The use of benches Alfa Wood Group it is multifaceted. They are ideally used in kitchens but are also suitable for use in offices, shops and in a variety of domestic and professional applications.

Kitchen worktops are manufactured to exacting standards to meet every interior design need that customers will enjoy for a long time.


  • Durable with great resistance to impacts, abrasions and stains.
  • Strong resistance to extreme climatic conditions and UV rays
  • They do not discolor.
  • They offer a reliable & durable protection against bacteria and give another dimension to hygiene and cleanliness.
  • The raw materials used are environmentally friendly
  • Thanks to its resistance to high temperatures, humidity and water, it is extremely suitable for use in the kitchen. ƒ
  • It can also be used as a back covering of surfaces.
  • Formaldehyde emission class E1.

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