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Successful presence of ALFA WOOD GROUP at the architecture event of ek magazine


Her presence was successful ALPHA WOOD GROUP at the magazine's architecture event etc magazine

Alfa Wood Group, consistent in its philosophy of supporting events and organizations with the aim of informing the public about architecture and materials, participated as a key sponsor in the event of ek magazine architecture on Monday, May 30 at the Atrium of the Benaki Museum.

The event was dedicated to wood, an important material in the construction and architectural industry.

Alfa Wood Group, a pioneer in the production of wood products, participated in the event with great success, while architects and other visitors showed great interest in the group's new products, their function and use, as well as new decoration trends. Comprehensive proposals for renovating a space were discussed. for Laminate floors, doors, kitchen counters as well as the new designs on the decorative surfaces.

Particular interest was given to the new product of Alfa Wood Group, the acoustic decorative panel "Alfa Sonic", which is ideal for noise reduction, sound amplification and its excellent aesthetics.

The speakers from the field of architecture and design analyzed the role of wood through their personal projects, highlighting the versatile use of the precious material!!!