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ALFA WOOD GROUP supports the EKAV of Grevena


Alfa Wood Group supports the EKAV of Grevena

The press conference given by the Alfa Wood Group with the representatives of the EKAV union of Western Macedonia was held with great success, where the significant donation of materials and equipment made by the group to the EKAV was presented.

Making donations for charitable purposes is an initiative of the group with the aim of finding solutions to some problems, such as the large donation of medical material and equipment to EKAV Grevena, which Alfa Wood Group from the first moment responded responsibly and seriously to their request, to procure materials and machines in order to carry out the First Aid training in a more efficient and correct way.

The director of Alfa Wood Group Pindos, Mr. Apostolis Koumbouras, emphasized that "the group is inextricably linked to society and recognizes its responsibility towards our fellow human beings, for this reason it will be next to those who need our support. The work of EKAV North Macedonia, as well as the personal effort of the rescuers, is commendable and we are sure that the equipment we offered will be used in the best possible way, offering valuable services".

"As workers in the health field, we thank the Alfa Wood Group company and the executives for the efforts they made to implement the process of donating training materials and equipment. This action will greatly facilitate our activities as rescuers in the field of public education and enable us to pass on our knowledge in the field of pre-hospital care. We thank you and promise to make the most of this donation.” said the president of the association EKAV D. Macedonia Mr. Sarafidis Thomas, thanking the group for its offer.

The event was honored with his presence by the deputy governor of Grevena, Folinas Athanasios, thanking the rescuers of EKAB for their valuable work and Alfa Wood Group for its sensitivity to the needs of the region.