Press Releases

Alfa Wood Group "reigned" in Grevena

The Alfa Wood Group in Grevena cut its New Year's pie. The event was held in a festive atmosphere on Sunday, February 11 at the center Dusk in Myrsina with his blessings Most Reverend Metropolitan of Grevena Mr. David and the presence of the founders Mr. Adamopoulos and Mr. Agorastos, as well as the members of the board of directors, Mr. Stelios Agorastos, Mr. Giorgos Adamopoulos and Mr. Vassilis Adamopoulos..

They honored the event with their presence and addressed a greeting, Minister of the Interior Ms. Niki Kerameos, The Regional Governor of Western Macedonia, Mr. Giorgos Amanatidis  The Member of Parliament for the Prefecture of Grevena, Mr. Ioannis Yatios and Mayor of Grevena Mr. Kyriakos Tataridis.

The management exchanged greetings with the guests and employees and wished everyone a creative year with health and optimism.