The CPL-H – the latest innovation from the Alfa Wood Group which is going to revolutionize the construction industry! Designed to meet high demands interior decoration, furniture and cabinets, the CPL-H is the cost-effective solution which offers excellent scratch resistance with easy cleaning.

               Constructed with a thin layer of paper impregnated with melamine resin and a coating layer, CPL-H offers unmatched durability, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance, all while providing a stunning decorative finish. And with a core made of MDF (medium density fibreboard) or chipboard, provides the structural stability required for any project.

               But what really sets it apart CPL-H it's the incredible range of colors, patterns and textures. Whether you want to imitate its natural beauty wood or stone whether you want one modern, elegant finish, the CPL-H offers it to you. And it is ideal for high traffic areas such as commercial kitchens, hospitals and schools, thanks to stamina of to stains, scratches and moisture.

               With the CPL-H, you will never have to worry about fading or discoloration from exposure to sunlight. It is the ideal choice for any design application, from classic to modern, and is sure to impress anyone who chooses it.

               So why settle for less? Select CPL-H from Alfa Wood Group and live the ultimate experience in cost-effective, flexible and durable decorative surfaces.

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