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ALFA WOOD GROUP donation to Falani Primary School


Alfa Wood Group donation to Falani Primary School

The Alfa Wood Group made a significant donation of raw material to the Falani primary school for the construction of 12 libraries.

In collaboration with the director of the school Ms. Ifigenia Lappa, the association of parents and guardians and the president of Mr. Irineos Karyotis, Alfa Wood Group responded to the needs of the school for the completion of a construction, where each student will have his own space to organize and store his books .

The Falanis primary school, after the damage suffered by a part of it from the earthquake, with the will and initiative of the teaching staff and the parents and guardians' association, continues its work trying to ensure that its 250 students have the best learning conditions and organization.

Alfa Wood Group recognizes all the effort and contributes with this donation to their work.