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Presentation of Alfa Wood Group at the University of Thessaly



On Thursday, March 30, Alfa Wood Group had the pleasure and honor to attend the swearing-in event and career day for graduates of the Postgraduate Programs of the Department of Forestry, Wood Science & Design, P.S. Design & Wood Technology and Furniture, at the department's facilities in Karditsa.

The graduates, after their swearing in, had the opportunity at the career day organized by the University, to get in touch with the Alfa Wood Group and get to know the activities of the largest wood industry in Greece.

In the presentation, reference was made to the products produced by the group and their application, as well as to the circular economy, where all the by-products of wood processing are used to produce energy from biomass.

For graduates who are ready to start their professional career, contact with the group and its representatives is very important. Alfa Wood Group, which has maintained its leading position in the sector for many years, has planned major investment projects totaling 45 million euros over a period of two years. Some of them are the investment of a new production line for special decorative surfaces and the construction of the fourth biomass power plant with a capacity of 1MW.

The group supports young people, connects them to the productive web and provides them with excellent training.

The event was attended by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Thessaly, Mr. Ioannis Theodorakis, the President of the Department of Forestry, Wood Sciences & Design, Mr. Ioannis Papadopoulos, the main professors: Giorgos Dalos, Michalis Skarvelis and Michalis Vrachnakis.

We wish all graduates good careers.