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Wood Awards 2022

Green Awards 2022t

Wood Awards 2022

ALFA WOOD GROUP participated in the awarding ceremony of Wood Awards 2022, awards that highlight excellence in the construction industry, rewarding innovative and aesthetically pleasing projects with wood as a construction material, in whole or in part of the construction, advanced technologies utilized as well as "green" processes in the processing and use of the material.

The Alfa Wood Group is very happy to announce two more awards he won in Wood Awards which are an excellent value for the group.

The new imposing gallery (Showroom) where each of our partners, architects or engineers, can discover the world of wood & be inspired for their upcoming projects, won the award Gold in the category Exhibition Constructions.

The facade of the building which seems prominent in the eyes of the visitors, is a modern construction of retail design through the combination of materials, such as metal and wood, awarded the prize Silver in the Alfa Wood Group, in the category Commercial shops.